The Road to November

Harvard Law Today presents a recap of the 2016 election season in images, words, and photos.

After Eagleton

Making History

Tim Kaine, William Weld, and the pursuit of the vice presidency

Harvard Law School has produced plenty of senators, Supreme Court justices and two presidents, but no graduate has ever served as vice president. This election has presented the first opportunity in decades to end that drought with both Democrat Tim Kaine ’83 and Libertarian William Weld ’70 on the ballot as vice presidential candidates.

Democracy Now

Voting rights, big money and Citizens United: Scholars explore issues in election law

With the 2016 U.S. presidential election now in the books, Harvard Law Today offers a look back at what each of the slate of scholars from campus and beyond had to say in recent months about democracy–the challenges, conflicts and conundrums the process poses in the 21st century.

Election Highlights