This year, more than 750 students will receive degrees from Harvard Law School. Each brought unique experiences to law school and all have tailored their academic careers while at HLS to explore their individual interests — through specific course work and reading groups; hands-on practical experience as student-lawyers; in-depth research and independent writing; and participating in journals and student organizations.

As they prepare to graduate, several members of the Class of 2015 reflect on the interests they brought to law school and the experiences they will take from their time at Harvard Law.

Susan Mirembe Nalunkuma LL.M. ’15 and Godiva Akullo LL.M. ’15, training together to fight Uganda’s draconian anti-gay laws

Susan Mirembe Nalunkuma LL.M. ’15 and Godiva Akullo LL.M. ’15 recall teachers who have guided their activism. they now hope to play that role to others.

Credit: John Goodman Susan Mirembe Nalunkuma LL.M. ’15 and Godiva Akullo LL.M. ’15 recall teachers who have guided their activism. they now hope to play that role to others.

As activists for LGBT rights in Uganda—among the harshest nations in its treatment of homosexuals—Susan Mirembe Nalunkuma LL.M. ’15 and Godiva Akullo LL.M. ’15 have not chosen an easy path.

They’ve been called names, including by some of their university teachers, and been shunned by other students, even those who support their work but are afraid to do so openly.

“We had classmates saying: ‘You’re being paid by Western powers to kill African culture. You are spreading immorality,’” says Nalunkuma. “We did not have it easy, but many had it worse.” Read the full story

Victoria White-Mason ’15, taking action against injustice


Credit: Lorin Granger

In a way, the seeds of Victoria White-Mason’s activism were planted long before she was born. Her grandfather was the first black man to graduate from Duke University, where he faced prejudice and discrimination. Her great-grandfather operated a business in Durham, N.C.’s Hayti district, a thriving African-American community during a time of segregation. Her family history helped raise her awareness of racial injustice and also the strength of black people in the face of adversity. Read the full story

Sean Morrison ’15, merging a passion for tax law and a penchant for politics

Sean Morrison '15

Credit: Lorin Granger Sean Morrison ’15

Growing up in Montana with a mother who owned a horse farm, Sean Morrison ’15 found his tax attorney father’s line of work a bit dull by comparison. So Morrison is a little surprised to find himself, years later, graduating from law school with the intent to specialize in tax law and policy. Read the full story

Lor Sok LL.M. ’15, making an impact at home


Credit: Lorin Granger

As he prepares to finish his LL.M. year at Harvard Law, Lor Sok recalls all the benefits the experience has provided him. But the real test of the experience, he says, is what it will mean for Cambodia, his homeland. Read the full story

Antonia Domingo ’15, dedicated to social justice


Credit: Lorin Granger

At a time when right-to-work laws, which severely threaten the viability of workers’ unions, seem to be gaining in popularity, Antonia Domingo ’15 is something of a rare creature: a fervently pro-union loyalist. Read the full story

Innovation, teamwork drive Romeen Sheth ’15


Credit: Lorin Granger

Romeen Sheth ’15 is a team player who works well with others–not because he has to, but because he prefers to, and he wishes more lawyers felt the same way. Read the full story