Post Date: April 4, 2005

“We were not old enough to have our voices make a difference during the Rwandan genocide, but Darfur is occurring on our watch,” said Rebecca Hamilton, a 1L and a co-founder of the Darfur Action Group. “This week of events will put the power of the Harvard name to good use, by placing a spotlight on the ongoing atrocities.”

The weeklong series coincides with the international commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the Rwandan genocides. The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and the Human Rights Program at HLS co-sponsored the events. For more information please visit the Darfur Action Group website.

“Spotlight on Darfur” Week at Harvard

Monday April 4th, 7PM

John F. Kennedy School of Government, The Forum DARFUR: HOW CAN THE WORLD STOP THE HORROR? Speakers: Haile Menkerios, Alex de Waal, Samantha Power and John Prendergast

Moderated by: Fernande Raine

Tuesday April 5th, 3PM

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Wiener Auditorium A HUMANITARIAN PERSPECTIVE: A Discussion with Kenny Gluck Speaker: Kenny Gluck, Doctors Without Borders

Wednesday April 6th, 7PM

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Weiner Auditorium GENOCIDE INTERVENTION FUND: Can private citizens halt genocide? Speakers: Mark Hanis, Gayle Smith, Rebecca Hamilton, Lt-Gen. Romeo Dallaire Moderated by: Samantha Power

Thursday April 7th, 5PM

Harvard College, Fong Auditorium, Boylston Hall FILM SCREENING: “Message from Home: recent interviews with civilians in Darfur” Introduction by: Jen Marlowe Moderated by: Chad Hazlett & Sabine Ronc

Friday 8th April, 12.30PM

Harvard Law School, Pound Hall 101 IS ACCOUNTABILITY A PRE-REQUISITE TO SUSTAINABLE PEACE? Speakers: Justice Goldstone, Michael Ignatieff, Ian Martin Moderated by: Martha Minow