This Friday, March 2, entertainment industry executives and litigators will partake in a Harvard Law School conference exploring the impact of technological convergence in the media. Additionally, the participants will examine contract and labor negotiations in the industry. Harvard Law Professor Paul Weiler, a noted entertainment law expert, will deliver opening remarks at 2 p.m. in Langdell Hall.

The keynote address will be given by Jon Taplin‹former manager of Bob Dylan and producer of a number of award-winning films and television programs‹ and will be followed by two panel discussions. The schedule of events is as follows. All speeches and panels to take place in Langdell South.

2:00 pm — Opening remarks by Harvard Law Professor Paul Weiler

2:10 pm — Keynote address by Jon Taplin, President and CEO of Intertainer

³Negotiating Entertainment: Contract and Labor Negotiations in the Entertainment Industry² (panel discussion)

³Entertainment Online: Technology Convergence in the Media² (panel discussion)