The fourth annual Harvard Staff Art Show recently celebrated its virtual opening, introducing a range of work from 242 staffers, most of whom hold positions that showcase talents other than their artistic creativity. Partnering for the first time with Harvard Human Resources, this year’s show features more than 400 pieces, from musical compositions to videos shot by drones, sculptures, textiles, prints, puppetry, and painting, all of which are on view in the online gallery and many of which will be shown at four sites across campus through the spring and into summer.

In addition to involvement in the virtual show, 183 artists will also participate in on-campus exhibitions. These will be staggered, with shows at Cambridge’s Smith Campus Center (March 11-26), Allston’s Harvard Ed Portal (March 28-April 16), the Medical Area’s Countway Library (April 8-June 8), and Gutman Library (May 8-June 10).

Additional in-person events include a Makers and Shakers SEAS Makerspace tour and reception (March 12), Performers Night at the Queens Head Pub (April 10), and an opening reception at the Gutman Library Gallery (May 8).

You can read more on the Harvard Gazette or visit the Staff Art Show website for full details.

Here, Harvard Law Today shines a light on the six Harvard Law School artists in the mix.

Tracy Blanchard

Program Coordinator, Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program

“Outside of my day-job at Harvard, I am a certified spiritual guide and fiber artist. My work is informed by my own spiritual praxis. I love the mixed media opportunities of modern day embroidery.”

Madison Faraut

Administrative Coordinator, Registrar’s Office

Deborah Ginsberg

Faculty Services Librarian, Harvard Law School Library

“I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after I finished my judicial clerkship because it was the ’90s and that seemed like the thing to do. My current medium is Procreate on the iPad because it doesn’t require turpentine.”

Alyssa Lary

Faculty Assistant, Faculty Support Services

Amy Mendelsohn

Workshop Coordinator, Harvard Negotiation Project

“I am a printmaker and ceramicist. My main inspirations are medieval marginalia, art from labor movements, nature, and funny animals.”

Ellen Shapiro-Smith

“Having gone to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Mass College of Art, I participate in many varieties of art and graphic design. I am a mixed media artist who creates using traditional and non-traditional materials.”

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