From the families who support us, to the friends and colleagues who are there to lend a hand or an empathetic ear, to the professors and clients who inspire us — Harvard Law School students and staff share who (or what) they are most grateful for this year.

I did my first clinic this semester. It’s been great to get this kind of real-world experience, and to feel like I’m doing something good with my law degree.  

Nikki Santos ’24
Mohini Tangri

My plants! My plants make me feel happy, like it’s still spring outside.

Mohini Tangri ’24

Amir Rezvani

I’m grateful for my family and my friends, both at HLS and not. They have been very supportive, which is important in law school and was especially important to me last year. And also the small acts of kindness I’ve experienced from people I don’t know that brighten my day, particularly on days that I needed it.

Amir Rezvani ’24

Liesbet Van Acker

So many things! I’m so grateful that even though I’ve only been here for three months, the LL.M.s have become a family, and I always have someone supporting me. I’m very thankful for that.

Liesbet Van Acker LL.M. ’23 

We are grateful that we ended up in section 7 together, and that we have such wonderful section (and L.L.M.)-mates!  

Brandon Martinez ’25, Laura Saliy ’25, Noam Krainin ’25, Gabe Babuch ’25, Parker Renberg ’25, and Luther Lie LL.M. ’23
Marina Andino

I’m thankful for my family and my coworkers. I’m grateful to have a job, that we are back in business. And for health!

Maria Andino, assistant manager, Harvard Dining Services

I’m grateful for the Tortys. 

Jessica Wu ’25  
Komal Toor

Since I am a transfer student, I’ll give a shout out to my Section 8 peers, who made the transition to the East Coast go smoothly.

Komal Toor ’24

We are thankful that we have such a great section — one that is kind, cooperative, thoughtful, and community-oriented. We’re also grateful for our professors, and the entire team of people who support us, including those that work in the dining hall to feed us every day and those who clean our classrooms. 

Section 7 students Kelsey Flower ’25, Robert Shepard ’25, Sarah Boxer ’25, Jane Boettcher ’25, Esther Gabriel ’25, and Justin Edwards ’25
Riddhi Jad

I’m grateful for my friends here!

Riddhi Jad LL.M. ’23 

I am grateful for my really kind classmates. It’s a really supportive community. 

Regan Hawkins ’25 
Wei An Tsai

I’m thankful for Harvard Law School for initiating difficult conversations, and for providing space for groups that are less heard from. For example, the Taiwanese perspective amidst difficulties in U.S.-China relations.

Wei-An Tsai, S.J.D. student 

Chloe Meyers

I’m grateful for my Section 2 classmates.

Chloe Meyers ’25

Mauricio Gonzalez

I’m grateful to be a part of this community.

Mauricio Gonzalez, Harvard Campus Services

I’m really thankful for everyone who holds student events at DOS and CEEB. All the events — like today’s morning momentum workout class — are really fun. I really appreciate all the events they do for us. 

Maddie Wettach ’23
Mohamed Bouzagou Ouali

I’m grateful for the wide options of courses to choose from, in which I have met amazing classmates.

Mohamed Bouzagou Ouali LL.M. ’23

David Kim

I’m thankful for being able to spend time with friends this year, since I’m less busy than last year.

David Kim ’24

I’m very thankful that the International Legal Studies program has created such a great community. I am thankful for how welcoming the Harvard Law School community is, especially for foreign students. 

Helena Placentino LL.M. ’23
Mingqian Li

I would like to thank my professor, David Kennedy, for giving me an amazing opportunity to experience Harvard.

Mingqian Li, visiting researcher, Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School

I’m thankful for the community and for how welcoming everyone has been to me and other transfer students. 

Ida Duan ’24
Sinh Vuong Nguyen

For the friends I have at law school and wonderful professors from whom I’ve learned so much.

Sinh Vuong Nguyen LL.M. ’23