This Washington Post article reveals some of the methods being used by big-time employers to save on energy costs and save on expenses. From Chrysler to Utah’s state government, employers are now trying to find new strategies to go greener, reduce business costs and appeal to newer workers.

According to the article, the effort is gaining momentum across the country. States from Hawaii to West Virginia are thinking of creative ways to reduce company costs and make their workers happy. Paramount to that idea is a flexible schedule for employees.

“This month, Utah became the first state in the country to take the leap, shifting most of its 17,000 state employees to a mandatory 10-hour-a-day, four-day workweek and closing most state offices on Fridays. Hawaii is piloting a similar experiment with about 100 state workers, and officials in Fairfax County are studying whether such an arrangement would work for them.”

Many employers view this is a win-win situation for companies, employees and even consumers. According to senior vice president for human resources at National Geographic,Tony Sablo, the impact is incredibly positive ‘”1,400 people aren’t commuting every other Friday” is a plus for workers and for the environment. Sablo said officials are studying whether to extend the program beyond summer.’

Although research is still being done on the flexible schedule issue and impact, and most companies still stick to the five-day work week, the idea is gaining popularity.

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