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Getting it right

So, what, exactly, is an "activist judge"? Most judges say they don't have time to think about it.

The bus driver’s daughter

When Navi Pillay LL.M. '82 S.J.D. '88 was growing up in South Africa, there was no international court in which apartheid could be prosecuted as a crime against humanity. Now there is--and she's on it.


A day-by-day account of the run-up to the Ames Moot Court Finals--and some thoughts afterward from the chief justice of the state of Ames (aka David Souter '66)

All in the game: Improving law by understanding the choices we make

Imagine a game in which two people--strangers--are told they will be given $100 to share, and that one of them will have the power to decide how much to offer the other.

Inside HLS

Alumni Notes and Newsmakers

  • Scott Worden '00

    Cable from Kabul

    Scott Worden '00 tackled legal challenges in historic elections in Afghanistan

  • Taking the ‘A’ Train

    James O’Neal ’82 knows it goes through Harlem and on to college While most of his classmates were busy searching for jobs during their third…

  • A woman sitting in a chair posing in front of a patterned background

    A Passage in India

    Zia Mody LL.M. ’79 blazes a trail for women When Zia Mody LL.M. ’79 started her own law practice in India in the mid-1980s, clients…

  • Armed with the Truth

    At the top of his game, Melvin Kraft ’53 switched to a new one A  few years ago, HLS Professor Richard D. Parker ’70 sat…